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Domain Names for Driving Schools

When you're deciding to launch a driving school website it's really important to make sure that you choose a good domain name. For driving instructors in the UK it's best to go for one ending in If that's not available then try to get the .com version.

Of course many domains such as are going to be already taken. One way round that is to include your town or city - so you could look to see if is available.

What should you avoid?
Avoid dashes if you can. If you have to have them try to make it just one. Avoid names which are confusing when the words are run together without spaces. Avoid using som as an abbreviation for school of motoring - potential pupils are unlikely to know what som stands for.

It can be helpful to have the words "driving school" or "driving lessons" in the domain name as it will be a signal to search engines as to what your site is about.